SMC Business Academy

Become the CEO you always dreamed of being.

I know you have big dreams…

Work less behind the chair. Increase your salon profits. Finally, enjoy the freedom salon ownership can bring.


You opened your salon because you wanted to do things differently. You couldn’t find the culture you wanted to be a part of… so you created it! Right? You had amazing intentions but somewhere along the way you realized…

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    The day to day salon operations are taking up all of your time and leaving you overwhelmed and overworked

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    Even with all the money you're making, there's nothing left at the end of the month. It seems to be going out as fast as it's coming in… you’ve even caught yourself thinking, “what’s the point in all this extra work when I’m still only paying myself for what I do behind the chair”

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    You feel like you’re being taken advantage of by your team but you don’t know what to do because you’re nervous about turning into the kind of boss you opened your salon to escape

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    You’re starting to think the salon business model just isn’t profitable

Here’s the good news: Owning a salon can fund your dream life AND run so efficiently you actually have the time to enjoy it.

Picture this…

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    You are able to work as much or as little as you want behind the chair because you’re getting paid to run the business & manage your team

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    You’re able to book vacations and enjoy life outside of the salon because you know the business is set up to run seamlessly whether you’re in the building or not

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    You have time in your schedule to handle last-minute situations (a stylist calls in sick or a client wants a redo) and curveballs with zero drama

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    You’ve built a reliable team of passionate stylists that deeply cares about their growth and the growth of your business

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    You’re able to fund each month's budget from the previous month's revenue (including profit, taxes & of course, your paycheque)

What if I told you you can have all of this… and I actually can guarantee that you can structure your salon to generate at least 10% pure profit in as little as 3 months?

…and yes, that’s on top of ensuring you are getting paid for the work you put in running the salon. That’s exactly what we’re going to accomplish inside of the Scissors Make Cents Academy.

Trust me… I understand what you’re going through because when I opened my salon I was completely clueless about how to thrive financially without burning out.


Increase your salon profits
Work less behind the chair.

7 figure
salon owner

As a busy and fully-booked stylist, I dreamed of creating my own salon space

An environment where I could cultivate the things I loved about the places I had previously worked while eliminating the parts that didn't work for me. But as many salon owners can relate to, in the beginning, I was pretty clueless about what it really takes to run a business, and quickly found myself overworked and overwhelmed.

That all changed in 2012 when I was chosen to receive the honor of Nick Arrojo's prestigious Master of Beauty Award. Through my time with Nick and his mentors and then applying a whole lot of trial and error in my own business, I gained invaluable knowledge and skills that allowed me to scale my business to the success it is today.

Now, as a 7-figure salon owner with a thriving team of incredible stylists AND a whole life outside of being a business owner, I am grateful to have had the opportunity to learn from many of the industry's greats.

In the Scissors Make Cents Academy, I’m sharing everything I have learned and helping you customize a salon business that fits your lifestyle and income goals.

Together, let’s ensure you can step into the CEO role you dreamed of when you opened your salon business. I’ll be here to guide and support you the whole way, guaranteed.


Before working with Scissors Make Cents, accountability was my biggest struggle. Since starting I have had a few equally great moments including verbiage, systems, and methods to keep moving forward. My business is now moving in a more professional and cohesive direction. My confidence is improving, and I would tell anyone considering joining, DO IT NOW!

Brittany Williams


Prior to Scissors Make Cents, I felt like I was treading water. I didn’t have any set systems or routine. I’ve transitioned into a more managerial role and increased my prices to account for the reduction in my availability. It has helped me ween off clients to a stylist who is growing their clientele at a lower price point. I feel like I have a better grip on my numbers and am a more confident leader. I’ve grown my team from a tiny group of 4 to 9 and am looking for a new location.

Renee Billeaudeaux


I am so glad I signed up for this program! Scissors Make Cents has helped me SO much! I learned a ton of tangible things that I applied to my business for the better.

I feel like my money is starting to "stack up and I am finally able to pay myself as the salon owner and not just a commissioned stylist! It feels sooooo freaking good!



Are you ready to transform your salon business in as little as 3 months?

Here’s all you need to do…


Believe that a different reality is possible for you and make the bold decision to seize it


Join the Scissors Make Cents Academy and implement the lessons to transform your business in as little as 3 months


Enjoy your new reality as the CEO of a successful salon


Take a peek inside the

SMC Business Academy blk

During our 12 lessons together, you’ll master:


Your CEO Mindset


Building An Unshakeable Foundation


Your Unique Salon Brand


Salon Operations
+ Communication


Hiring + Managing Your Dream Team


Anxiety Free Leadership


Understanding Your Numbers


Pricing For Increased Profit


Your Financial Success Roadmap


Boosting Your Bottom Line with Retail


Mapping Out Your Growth Plan


Your Salon Support System

You’ll get 12 pre-recorded lessons + curriculum to transform your business AND all the assets you need to assess, run, grow, and scale your salon. Including:

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    Client communication scripts

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    Hiring and interview assets

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    Templates to put your operations on autopilot

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    Digital financial audit

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    Salon growth + performance tracker

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    1:1 Stylist Performance Meeting Templates

You’re diving into a community of like minded salon owners that will cheer you on every step of the way.

Payment Options



4 or 6 month Payment


Is the Scissors Make Cents Academy right for you?

If you say “omg, that’s me!” to any of the following, this will be a good fit:

  • You crave success in business but you also want to be present for your family and enjoy your life
  • You want to be a true leader for your team, not just the “boss” (with a capital B)
  • Salon ownership has felt lonely and harder than you expected, you’re looking for a mentor and community to lift you up and help you see things differently
  • You are ready to commit 12 weeks to set your salon systems up for long term success and exponential growth

Frequently Asked Questions


If you are overworking and not seeing the profit you know is possible, this program is for you.


This program provides lifetime access to all of the downloaded resources. You will get immediate access to your education portal and can learn and implement at a pace that is most comfortable for you.


The Academy does not come with any 1:1 support. You will have access to 1:1 support on an as needed basis. This is an intentional decision to keep the cost of the Mastermind affordable.


Due to the nature of the course materials, once you join, there are no refunds. We are so confident that you will find there is more value than the price point and guarantee that you will make back your investment.


You can always email me at or DM me over on Instagram @scissorsmakecents

I’m always happy to answer any question you may have and support you in your business goals.

If you don’t make a change in the way you run your salon, you will never get different results.

Together, let’s turn your salon into an asset that allows you to build your dream life.