Ready for a life of time & financial freedom?


Owning a salon doesn’t have to be a thankless grind.
With the right systems & support, I can help you...

Quantum leap your income in just three months.

Contrary to popular belief, today's best stylists want to work… but to attract and keep them you need to create something they want to be a part of.

Forget all the naysaying about the future of commission salons because, my friend, they are here to stay. Building a team to support your goals and thrive inside your business is entirely possible. Myself and my students are living proof.

Working harder & longer to support your business expenses is doing you more harm than good (and burning you completely out in the process). The truth is, as long as money feels tight and you don’t feel like a true leader to your team… growing your salon business is going to be an uphill battle.

If you’re running your salon based on a few cobbled-together ideas from the salons you’ve worked at in the past…

It’s time to build a foundation that can truly scale.


Join me inside Scissors Make Cents transformative programs AND

Learn the exact strategies that transformed my small salon into a 7-figure success.


CEO Accelerator

5 MODULES to take your salon from surviving to thriving.

If you don’t make a change in the way you run your salon, you will never get different results. Together, let’s turn your salon into an asset that allows you to build your dream life.


Salon Entrepreneur


You’ll get 12 recorded lessons with coaching + curriculum to transform your business AND all the assets you need to assess, run, grow, and scale your salon.

Tulum Retreat

February 6-10 2025

Find Your Inner Power in Paradise: escape, rejuvenate, and find community in Tulum, Mexico!


Private Coaching

Elevate your salon to new heights of success with a 90 minute 1:1 PRIVATE coaching call to help ensure increased profitability, more freedom and/or a competitive edge in today's dynamic market.


Financial Audit

Improve your financial acumen and gain  clarity & INSIGHT in your salon business WITH a 3 call comprehensive financial audit 1:1 coaching package.

Imagine a healthy Paycheck, the free time to live your best life and a team that supports you and values you as their leader. It’s not a pipe dream. It’s your new reality once you make the decision to take action.

You can transform your salon to the money making asset you dreamed of when you first got the keys… without the hustle or drama.


Before working with Scissors Make Cents, accountability was my biggest struggle. Since starting I have had a few equally great moments including verbiage, systems, and methods to keep moving forward. My business is now moving in a more professional and cohesive direction. My confidence is improving, and I would tell anyone considering joining, DO IT NOW!

Brittany Williams


Prior to Scissors Make Cents, I felt like I was treading water. I didn’t have any set systems or routine. I’ve transitioned into a more managerial role and increased my prices to account for the reduction in my availability. It has helped me ween off clients to a stylist who is growing their clientele at a lower price point. I feel like I have a better grip on my numbers and am a more confident leader. I’ve grown my team from a tiny group of 4 to 9 and am looking for a new location.

Renee Billeaudeaux


I am so glad I signed up for this program! Scissors Make Cents has helped me SO much! I learned a ton of tangible things that I applied to my business for the better.

I feel like my money is starting to "stack up and I am finally able to pay myself as the salon owner and not just a commissioned stylist! It feels sooooo freaking good!


Take your salon from surviving to thriving
Learn strategies to transform your salon


Hi, I’m Kelly

I’m so glad you’re here. Let me tell you about why I do this work. I started my salon full of passion and naivete.

I also quickly learned (the hard way) that business isn’t always easy… but I’m not one to give up. I turned my salon into a million dollar success story and it’s my mission to empower as many salon owners as possible to do the same.


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Choose to be the person, the small business owner, and the professional you want to be, putting your best out into the world and expecting nothing but the best back. Is this entitlement?

Hell no. It's grit.

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