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Scissors Make Cents is a one-of-a-kind education experience that combines entertaining stories of personal experience and encouragement with tasks and accountability for stylists or salon owners who are looking to build a rock solid brand. With a collection of various resources from "Scissors Make Cents" the book, a group program and one on one coaching, SMC is goal and detail oriented so that you can run your hair business with integrity and joy while living a meaningful life. 


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loretta o'connell, education director, arrojo nyc

"I have known Kelly for almost 10 years and have seen her go from strength to strength as a business owner & entrepreneur. It is no surprise that she has written a book to become a guide & coach to hairdressers & salon owners to show that the attention is in the detail and how hard work, determination & having a clear vision really pays off. A must read for all."


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Choose to be the person, the small business owner, and the professional you want to be, putting your best out into the world and expecting nothing but the best back. Is this entitlement? Hell no. It’s grit. It’s hustling. It’s working hard with a dedicated focus on systems, strategy, and your life goals. You can have goals, or you can achieve them. What are you going to do with yours?

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camille schrier, miss america 2020

"Kelly's talents go far beyond her hands as a stylist. She's a savvy business owner who understands the value of creating personal connections with her clients, and has translated those skills into helping others build their own success."

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