I’m Kelly, Founder of Scissors Make Cents & CEO of a million dollar salon, here to help you achieve the same success and freedom.

The path to scaling your salon to a million-dollar revenue stream is simpler than you think.

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I’m a salon owner and author of the bestselling book “Scissors Make Cents”. You might know me as an author, international speaker, and 7 figure business owner… but my journey was far from easy.

When I first opened my salon, I was filled with hope and excitement. I thought success would come naturally but, instead, I was overwhelmed and panicked. I quickly realized that entrepreneurship wasn't just about passion and talent but also about strategy and grit.

That was my epiphany moment. I knew that if I wanted to achieve my dreams of a life of peace and financial abundance, I had to learn how to build a team, create a salon brand that spoke for itself, and grow a profitable business that supported my lifestyle goals. I looked up to other salon owners who had achieved the level of success I was dreaming about and I was determined to become one of them.

So, I started studying and refining my skills. I even traveled to Europe to study at the London and Ireland Wella Institutes, which pushed me to new heights in hair styling.

I was honored to be named a "Master of Beauty" by the Empire Beauty System and Nick Arrojo in 2012… and my life and business started to change.


I went from a stressed-out owner trying to hustle behind the chair to make ends meet… to the CEO of a million-dollar salon with an incredible team and healthy profit margins.

Over the years, I've had the pleasure of working with some incredible people, including professional athletes, models, and television stars. But what makes me truly proud is the transformation I get to witness when working with other salon owners.

By sharing my experience and knowledge, I've helped others to achieve their own epiphany moments and turn their businesses around in mere months.

Ready to build a thriving salon while working less behind the chair?

If you're a salon owner struggling to grow your business, know that you're not alone.

With hard work, dedication, and a willingness to learn, you can achieve your dreams too. And who knows, you might even end up inspiring others along the way.

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Choose to be the person, the small business owner, and the professional you want to be, putting your best out into the world and expecting nothing but the best back. Is this entitlement?

Hell no. It's grit.

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